Lionel Hilaire is a husband, father of 3 girls and 1 son. Storyteller and the Treasurer of Divine Potential Services,Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to restore families and empower change since 2016. 


His ultimate purpose in life is to inspire people to prosper and leave a legacy for their families.


Lionel believes whole hardheartedly that self discovery and cultivating your calling is key to a fulfilled, effective and purposeful life.


Lionel enjoys basketball, bike riding, telling jokes and cooking with his family. 

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"The picture we have of ourselves will always determine how we respond to life" -Myles Munroe

Low self esteem has always been a problem for me growing up. After being teased, picked on and bullied, I began to despise who I was. I would believe the negative words that were said about me. Not long after, I would allow my critics to control my life.

Long ago, you could never get me to talk about myself. I didn't even like to look myself in the mirror. Today, I have relearned to love the man I see in the mirror. I enjoy sharing my life and journey with others. So much so, I began writing about my life and experiences. Click here to visit my blog. Enjoy..



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Order Your Signed Copy Today!
Order Your Signed Copy Today!
The greatest enemy of the black male is not crime. Not the “man”, not women, not unemployment, not the economy and not who’s the President of the United States. The greatest enemy of a male is him lacking understanding and not living out his calling. You are born a male, but you must become a man. You become a man when you cultivate the call on your life. For many males, this is where their #1 problem can be found. Being born a male, but finding it hard to become a man. There are three key areas in a man’s life he must cultivate in order for him to be who God originally intended him to become; his personal life, his relationships and his career. Order your copy today so you can discover how walk in your true identity. Discover your purpose and monetize your gift, even if you are experiencing a crisis!


'I'm bless to have met this author in person. He told me about his book and it was on Amazon. I read this book on a regular basis like the bible. The 7 steps are easy do. They work take the purchase this book. If you can buy a $20 meal you can buy this book. God bless!!"

—Teawn Tyler
“ Lionel is a wonderful listener and gives great advise. He has the gift of seeing your potential and helping you to manifest it. A pleasure to speak with and work with.”

— Nicole A.Johnson
“ Lionel is such a blessing to have in my life. From the time I met him, he was instantly ready and willing to help me become a better version of myself. I feel as though I continue to grow through his mentoring and I am so grateful.”

— Angela S Medina


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"Men are not dogs. We're Lions!" -Lionel Hilaire